Thursday, October 3, 2013

Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns

A week ago, just about everyone outside of Buffalo and Cleveland envisioned Thursday's game as a stinker of stinkers, an ill-conceived matchup of Snowy, Boring City No. 1 and Snowy, Boring City No. 2. However, the Browns have won two straight with Brian Hoyer, the latest a victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, a team many picked to win the AFC North before the season. The Bills beat the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens and picked off newly-minted Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco five times.
Week 4's results gave Thursday's showdown an atypical boost of intrigue.
Who knows how this Cleveland/Buffalo contest will transpire? Maybe it'll be another nails-on-the-chalkboard game. But the Bills and Browns, two teams from unsexy Rust Belt cities that've mired in mediocrity for all of the 2000's, just might provide the most compelling Thursday Night Football game of the season.